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Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on June 8, 2015

Whether you’re a body art novice or a tattoo aficionado, it can be tough to dig deep and find a way to convey the inspiration behind your ink. Sometimes you’ve got a concept on the tips of your fingers that you just can’t morph into a final design, or perhaps the image you have in your head just doesn’t quite feel complete.


From cavemen painting on walls to Egyptian hieroglyphics; from the beauty of the renaissance through to quirky contemporary art of the modern day; drawing, painting and imagery have long been some of the strongest forms of human expression.

There are so many types of art you could look to when searching for tattoo ideas. For example, you could explore art styles from a country you have travelled to, or which has given you a sense of heritage and identity, to give your body art a unique personal touch.


Many people like to use a tattoo as a tribute to a loved one or a declaration of commitment to a partner. Subtlety is the key here, as permanently inking someone’s name across your body can be seen as tacky, not to mention risky, in some cases.

Drawing upon creativity can deliver beautiful results. Perhaps you could research the original meaning behind your loved one’s name – it may contain evocative imagery. Failing that, think of something that defines that person or look to one of their passions, and a good tattoo artist should be able to help you transform this idea into an elegant tattoo design.

Tattoo Design


Artistic and emotional expression is limitless, and with a little research you can find interesting and thought-provoking ways of displaying meaning through tattoos. A butterfly, for example, is a metaphor for hope and positive transformation.

However symbolism isn’t necessarily important to everybody who wants a tattoo; some people just want a beautiful and unique piece of body art they can show off. If this is the case, take a broad idea to an excellent tattooist and give them creative license.

Simplicity Rules

Whilst symbolism is an imaginative way to convey thoughts and ideas, significance can sometimes become lost in an overly-complex design.

If your tattoo has an important meaning that you want to be seen and interpreted clearly, then perhaps the message you’re trying to convey through artistic intricacy could have even more impact by stripping it back to something bold and simple.

When planning a tattoo, it can be hard to transform very personal thoughts and ideas into an eye-catching and meaningful design. However think outside the box and be prepared to consult others for a second opinion, and you’ll soon settle on something that really stands out as ‘the one’. How did you find the inspiration behind your body art? Comment below and share your experiences!

Photo Credit: Justin Wolfe

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