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Posted by: Brian Pollard on February 23, 2015

We’re really excited to announce that we’re now stocking the full range of Fusion Inks – including signature sets from world-renowned artists like Nikko Hurtado, who has tattooed everyone from Andrew WK to Cheryl Cole.

Why Fusion Inks?

Fusion inks have been a favourite of artists like … for a long time now – and with good reason too; these versatile inks are packed with an incredibly high pigment load, and they come in a huge range of (very vivid) colours. 

According to artists like Jeff Gogue, they’re some of the most vibrant and colourful inks on the market too.

Fusion Tattoo Ink


Tell Me More?

Fusion’s unique range of tattoo inks are formulated using organic pigments, making them completely safe, and vegan friendly to boot. Plus, they’re absolutely free of fillers, which is one of the many reasons that we’re really excited to be able to offer them to today’s budding tattoo artists.

Fusion inks were originally formulated by Adam Everett and the team behind Next Generation Tattoo Machines. They’re used by a number of really influential tattoo artists, including:

  • Juan Salgado, who runs Color Conspiracy over in Porto Rico, and who’s also won a huge number of tattooing awards from events like Hell City Tattoo Fest, or the infamous Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 
  • Rick Walters, who used to run the oldest tattoo shop in America (Bert Grimms Tattoo Parlour, for the history buffs among us)
  • Nikko Hurtando, who inked Cheryl Cole’s controversial rose tattoo, and who’s developed a reputation for being one of the world’s most talented artists – appearing on several episodes of LA Ink, and acting as a jury member for the Chaudesaigues Award back in 2005.
  • Roman Abrego, who has won several awards while running Artistic Elements, over in California.


We’re Committed to Bringing you the Best…

When he was pushed to define the most attractive aspects of the Fusion range, award-winning tattoo artist Jeff Gogue reportedly said that it wasn’t just the vivid and very attractive colours that kept him coming back; he claimed that it was also their versatility, and cited the fact that they had a unique ability to “transition from existing colors and to work as vibrant neutrals, so to speak.”

Here at the tattoo shop, we’ve always been 100% committed to for providing you with the tools and equipment that you need to create truly incredible art, which is why we’ve  gone to such great lengths to source this range of (particularly amazing) tattoo inks.

Fusion Ink is one of the industry’s leading brands, and we’re really pleased that we can finally offer the full range to our loyal clients and friends.

You can view all of the items in this new range here: http://www.thetattooshop.co.uk/shop/Fusion-Tattoo-Inks.html


And We Care About your Experience

We’d absolutely love to hear what you think of the latest addition to our lineup, so if you do order anything from the fusion line, please let us know how you get on!

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