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Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on May 18, 2015

Summer is coming around fast, and with it a whole host of tattoo shows, conventions and festivals that are not to be missed here in the UK. Whether you’re thinking of exhibiting your work or simply going along for the fun, let’s take a look at some of the most eagerly anticipated tattoo events coming up over the next few months.

1. The Great British Tattoo Show – 23-24 May 2015

Forget the Great British Bake Off. If beautifully inked bodies get you more excited than Mary Berry eating a custard tart, get yourself down to London this weekend for two days of live music, catwalks, awards and hundreds of the finest tattoo artists in the UK. After a hugely successful event in 2014, the Great British Tattoo Show is back bigger and better than ever at Alexandra Palace on the 23rd and 24th of May.

2. Southampton Tattoo Festival – 4-5 July 2015

Still undecided on which festivals to hit this summer? Look no further than Southampton for your fix of music, tattoos, fairgrounds and more. The first Southampton Tattoo Festival is already shaping up to be a fantastic family event, with everything from vintage stalls to burlesque dancing. 

3. Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention – 25-26 July 2015

Another event that’s geared up for the kids as well as the adults is the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention. Marvel at the wonders of body art whilst the little ones (and big kids) get lost in the latest toys and collectibles at this diverse convention in Cardiff. Tickets include entrance to a party on the Saturday night, for a fun weekend in Wales for ink fans of all ages.

4. Tattoo Jam – 7-9 August 2015

Fancy breaking a world record this summer? Some of the leading publishers and conventions in the UK have come together to bring you Tattoo Jam, a huge convention set at Doncaster Racecourse. With an enormous range of activities including free seminars and workshops, fancy dress competitions, live music and more, Tattoo Jam brings together artists and ink-lovers alike to celebrate all things tattoo.

 Tattoo Events UK

5. The International London Tattoo Convention – 25-27 September 2015

Hoping for an Indian summer? Celebrate the final few weeks of summer in the capital’s historic Tobacco Dock at the acclaimed International London Tattoo Convention. Now in its 11th year, expect to see burlesque dancers, acrobatics, voodoo, competitions and more ink that you can shake a stick at in this huge celebration of tattoo culture and body art.

Heading to any of these tattoo events? Or do you know some other unmissable tattoo conventions that didn’t make the list? Comment below to let us know – we’re always looking out for the latest shows and conventions!

Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on May 13, 2015

Sabre Tattoo Machine - BlackSabre Tattoo Supplies have just launched their first (all-British) tattoo machine, and it’s already proving to be incredibly popular with clients and friends from all over the world.

According to Adam Sargent – who runs Touch of Evil over in Cheltenham – Sabre’s new machine is:

“A very nice, smooth running, adaptable machine, which can hit hard, making it ideal as an all rounder.”

And Miss Rie (of miss Rie’s Tattoo Studio, over in Newport) has also said that:

Upon the arrival of the new Sabre tattoo machine, I was certainly not let down. Beautifully packaged in a round tin, and including a user guide with instructions and diagrams (which is a rarely included with previous other machines I have purchased), meaning this machine is virtually fool proof.

The machine itself, is a well-constructed and tidy little tool too; with every component appearing to be manufactured to a very high standard.”

There’s good reason for the unprecedented popularity of this new machine too: For starters, it’s one of the first all-British offerings to hit the market for quite some time, and it incorporates a number of important technological advances too; making it ideal for both beginners & master tattoo artists.

Among other things, Sabre’s new machine features:

  • A top-of-the-range Swiss Maxon motor, which provides ample power without producing excessive noise or vibrations.
  • An adjustable hit that allows you to switch between different positions with a single touch

It’s also made of scratch-resistant abs and a very high-quality aircraft aluminium, which means that it’s both durable and easy to clean.

Unlike competing products, the new sabre machines are being built right here in Britain too – In fact, everything from the design, to the manufacture and packaging, has been carried out by a variety of British businesses, which means that this is an absolutely top-quality machine in every respect. 

One Touch Adjustable Hit

As mentioned above, one of the most unique features of Sabre’s new tattoo machine is its one-touch adjustable hit – a relatively unique addition that’ll allow you to tackle complicated tattoos without switching machines.

The adjuster itself is well labeled, and allows you to instantly switch between various needle groupings that are perfectly optimised for lining, shading and colour packing too.

One Touch Adjustable Hit
When asked what she thought of the one-touch system, Miss Rie told us that:

The first tattoo I did with this machine, required hard lines, colour packing, and soft shading, which this machine did without any fussing around trying to get the right stroke- despite the fact that I’d normally have used 4 different machines to do the same job. 

With the One Touch system, I felt confident and comfortable; completing a great tattoo with one Sabre machine in just 4 hours”

Other tattoo artists have made similar comments about the one-touch system too, commenting that:

“Sabre’s new machine lines beautifully, and once the unique one touch clicker is used, it shades without effort too”

So, if you’ve ever wished for something that’s a bit more versatile, this may well be the right time to jump in and try a Sabre machine. After all, top-quality, adjustable tattoo machines are few and far between!Sabre Tattoo Machine - White

Made from Quality Materials

Another prime reason to sample Sabre’s brand new machine is definitely its build quality. Rather than being made of cheap, easily damaged materials, this market leading design is manufactured from scratch-resistant abs, and aircraft-grade aluminium.

This means that it’ll shrug off most of the scrapes, dings and scratches that are normally acquired during routine use, and it also means that you’ll find it very easy to keep clean – even if you order it in white!

Built in Britain

Too many tattoo machines are built abroad; using second-rate techniques, and designs. Sabre’s newest offering is a bit different though. Unlike the competition, Sabre have opted to have everything done right here in Britain, including the:

  • The design work
  • The manufacturing
  • The assembly
  • The packaging

This means that everything is finished to an exactingly high standard, and also means that you’re guaranteed to receive a top-quality machine every time.

We’re the official distributor of Sabre’s products here in the UK, and we’re currently stocking all three variations of the new machine. If you’d like more information, you can click through to the product page (which is here). Alternatively, you can call us on 01200 400 111, where we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on May 12, 2015

For most, tattoos are an expression of identity. But for others, getting inked can be a way to feel more confident after a difficult time. Many people are now turning to tattoos to cover up scars and marks on their bodies, transforming them into something beautiful. Let’s find out more about this unconventional but inspiring use for body art.

Tattoos to Cover Mastectomy Scars

Tattoos can help mastectomy patients to transform the scars left after surgery. Recently, an Australian tattoo artist uploaded an image of a woman who, after a double mastectomy, had her scarred breasts covered in flowers. The image was shared over 14,000 times in 24 hours.

From floral pieces to lace-inspired designs, tattoos are making a difference to how people see their mastectomy scars, turning them from something they may feel self-conscious about into something amazing. Tattoos can help women to get through their experience of breast cancer and regain their femininity.

Disguising Stretch Marks & Birthmarks

However, there are many more ways in which tattoos can be used to turn wounds into works of art. Cover-up tattoos can also help to camouflage birthmarks, burns, surgery scars and more. Depending on the type and size, a tattoo can almost completely hide a scar or disguise it using colour, design and positioning.

From mothers looking to transform their stretch-marked stomachs or caesarean scars, to those who want to hide reminders of painful injuries, tattoos allow people to obtain a body they love and are proud of.

Cover Up Tattoos

How to Get the Best Results

The key to getting a great cover up tattoo is to find an experienced and reputable artist. A well-trained tattooist will understand your needs and help you to design something suitable and beautiful to disguise your scar.

To get the best results, scars need time to heal before being inked. The length depends on the extent of the injury and the individual’s body, but can be anywhere from a few months to years. When it comes to getting inked, there will be some limits to tattooing over scars; scarred skin is different in texture so it holds ink less effectively. This means it may not be possible to completely cover the scar, but there’s still a lot that can be done to transform it. A good tattoo artist will be able to use colour, texture and layout to disguise a scar or mark and make it much less noticeable.

But what design should you go for? When it comes to covering scars, stretch marks and birthmarks, organic designs with depth and a variety of colour are best. While lettering and tribal tattoos are great, they’re not usually recommended for cover ups as they often leave spaces where scars are still visible.

Tattoos are not just a form of body art: they can also help us to love our bodies, scars and all. If you have a scar that you would like to hide, would you consider getting it inked?

Photo Credit: Tudno Media Group

Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on May 8, 2015

If you have a passion for tech and tattoos, you may have been informed (or found out for yourself!) that wrist tattoos interfere with the functions of the newly released Apple Watch. A pioneering piece of wearable technology, it’s hard to believe that the tech giant didn’t pre-empt this problem. But after users pointed out the issue, the industry has been quick to react and come up with some rather interesting solutions. Let’s take a look at the problem and how to overcome it.

Apple Watch Tattoo-Gate

Several days after ‘tattoo-gate’ came to light, Apple responded confirming that in fact ‘permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can… impact heart rate sensor performance.’ So if you’ve got a sleeve or even a delicate tattoo on your inner wrist, you may find that the Apple Watch doesn’t take your pulse, and that other apps designed to react with the skin perform poorly too.

After spending hundreds of pounds on this much-acclaimed piece of technology, it’s understandable that you’d be a little disappointed if you couldn’t make full use of its features, simply because you’re inked. After all, it’s not like tattoos are rare these days. Surely somebody in Apple HQ has a tattoo, and could have pointed it out before it went to market? Apparently not.


Apple Watch

Overcoming the Issue

But does this mean that inked tech-lovers are excluded from the Apple Watch market? Or are there ways to overcome this problem so that you too can be the proud owner of an (not-so-perfect) Apple Watch? Conan O’Brien introduced one of the more humorous solutions – the Apple Watch hand. However, all jokes aside, what alternatives are available?

Firstly, if you’ve only got a tattoo on one of your wrists, it goes without saying that you should use the ink-free arm for your Apple Watch. Even if it’s not the hand you usually wear a watch on, it’s better to be able to use your device to its full potential than repeating passwords on apps and getting frustrated with your Watch.

If you’re inked from arm to arm, head to toe? Why not invest in another device that can monitor your heartbeat, and connect via Bluetooth? It may not be ideal, but it you’ve got your heart set on investing in an Apple Watch it’s a workable solution. Alternatively, wait and see if the issue is addressed in the next generation of the watch – we imagine it’ll be pretty high up their priority list after tattoo-gate!

Annoying though it may be that Apple ignored the inked community in the release of their new wearable, after the initial frustration you have to see the funny side of it. Perhaps your next tattoo design could be an inked-on watch?

Photo Credit: Shinya Suzuki

Posted by: Brian Pollard on February 23, 2015

We’re really excited to announce that we’re now stocking the full range of Fusion Inks – including signature sets from world-renowned artists like Nikko Hurtado, who has tattooed everyone from Andrew WK to Cheryl Cole.

Why Fusion Inks?

Fusion inks have been a favourite of artists like … for a long time now – and with good reason too; these versatile inks are packed with an incredibly high pigment load, and they come in a huge range of (very vivid) colours. 

According to artists like Jeff Gogue, they’re some of the most vibrant and colourful inks on the market too.

Fusion Tattoo Ink


Tell Me More?

Fusion’s unique range of tattoo inks are formulated using organic pigments, making them completely safe, and vegan friendly to boot. Plus, they’re absolutely free of fillers, which is one of the many reasons that we’re really excited to be able to offer them to today’s budding tattoo artists.

Fusion inks were originally formulated by Adam Everett and the team behind Next Generation Tattoo Machines. They’re used by a number of really influential tattoo artists, including:

  • Juan Salgado, who runs Color Conspiracy over in Porto Rico, and who’s also won a huge number of tattooing awards from events like Hell City Tattoo Fest, or the infamous Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 
  • Rick Walters, who used to run the oldest tattoo shop in America (Bert Grimms Tattoo Parlour, for the history buffs among us)
  • Nikko Hurtando, who inked Cheryl Cole’s controversial rose tattoo, and who’s developed a reputation for being one of the world’s most talented artists – appearing on several episodes of LA Ink, and acting as a jury member for the Chaudesaigues Award back in 2005.
  • Roman Abrego, who has won several awards while running Artistic Elements, over in California.


We’re Committed to Bringing you the Best…

When he was pushed to define the most attractive aspects of the Fusion range, award-winning tattoo artist Jeff Gogue reportedly said that it wasn’t just the vivid and very attractive colours that kept him coming back; he claimed that it was also their versatility, and cited the fact that they had a unique ability to “transition from existing colors and to work as vibrant neutrals, so to speak.”

Here at the tattoo shop, we’ve always been 100% committed to for providing you with the tools and equipment that you need to create truly incredible art, which is why we’ve  gone to such great lengths to source this range of (particularly amazing) tattoo inks.

Fusion Ink is one of the industry’s leading brands, and we’re really pleased that we can finally offer the full range to our loyal clients and friends.

You can view all of the items in this new range here: http://www.thetattooshop.co.uk/shop/Fusion-Tattoo-Inks.html


And We Care About your Experience

We’d absolutely love to hear what you think of the latest addition to our lineup, so if you do order anything from the fusion line, please let us know how you get on!

Posted by: Brian Pollard on February 6, 2015

The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder machine is the complete all in one, which delivers powerful strokes and quick punctures. The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive works with your existing Cheyenne Hawk Grips and with your current standard tattoo power supply; all you’ll need is some Cheyenne Hawk needle cartridges. Due to the amazing power that the Thunder Drive requires, it may need to be “kick-started” on some power supplies. If this is the case, then you may require a Cheyenne start-up cable, which can be purchased from The Tattoo Shop.
All tattooing styles and concepts are now possible without the slightest loss of quality. Lining, Shading and Colouring on highest level with just one machine!
Stroke has been dramatically increased up to 4mm. The increased stroke in conjunction with the rotational speed of the new drive and the optimized eccentric tappet provides very high speed- and acceleration-values. The power reserves of the engine are now used much more effectivelythunder


Posted by: Brian Pollard on October 15, 2013

Come along on the 26th and 27th October

OPENDAY eshot(2)

Posted by: Brian Pollard on September 18, 2013

thetattooshop_rocket-fuel_tattoo-ink_banner_en (2)http://www.thetattooshop.co.uk/shop/Rocket_Fuel_10_Bottle_Set_Tattoo_Ink.html
Once you’ve tried Rocket Fuel you’ll never again contemplate which ink to order next. One try and you’ll see how it glides in like no other ink. One try and you’ll see how to launch your artistry to the next level.

Rocket Fuel lets you focus on your work and not on the weaknesses of an ink. That’s because this is one powerful, high-performing fuel.

Plus, it’s made up by an experienced U.K. manufacturer, and that’s something The Tattoo Shop can get behind. We know all you U.K. tattoo artists feel the same way. Trust us. It won’t be long before Rocket Fuel takes off and dominates the tattoo industry.

With Rocket Fuel you’ll get a product that is

” Not loaded with additives and fillers like some of the other big brand inks.
” Currently undergoing tests with CTL Germany for that added assurance.
” Made from premium pigments.
” Made up of a large selection of colours (30 total), each of which is easy to mix for additional shades and suitable for all tattooing styles. The Tattoo Shop especially likes the grey wash for black and grey. It’s simply out of this world.

Rocket Fuel is a superior, high-end professional tattoo ink. If you want quality tattoos, you have to invest in quality inks. But once you try this and see how the colours stay bright and that the ink flows in making light work of any tattoo piece, you won’t care about the price.

Add your order to the cart now. It won’t be long before this product has taken off. Don’t get left behind.

Posted by: Brian Pollard on August 28, 2013

new sabre banner uk

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