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Posted by: Brian Pollard on April 11, 2012


In March we asked everyone to post their thoughts on heavy vs light tattoo machines and had lots of entries. The winning entry for the light weight side was Stacey Fitchett, who works at Hawk & Rose Studio in Hastings.

She has won a WWT Aluminator Tattoo Machine which comes in different colours – Gold, Silver, Red, Purple, Green and Blue.

The Invader machine is one of the lightest coil machines in the world and only weighs around 144g. This lightweight aluminium shader/liner tattoo machine allows fast and precise work for longer periods without pain in your wrist. Due to the low vibration it feels great to use and make the artist’s work easier. Unlike other aluminium tattoo machines available it is made from one piece without any joins or seams – perfect percision engineering!

Stacey’s comments :
“I used the heavy machines for 5 years and didn’t have any problems. However I recently purchased a Stigma – Hyper v2. This machine is amazing to work with. It’s extremely light, so you dont get the hand-ache you can get with the heavy machines. Also it does amazing linework and still puts the colour in nicely 🙂 and as an added bonus it doesn’t seem as aggresive on the skin. The majority of my customers feel that this machine is less painful than the traditional heavy machines and therefore they can sit longer sessions, enabling me to get alot more work done in one go. As for the healing, it seems to be benefiting there too. Their tattoos are lightly flaking rather than scabbing, less painful after, and hold the colour in much better.

Overall I think that the Stigma Hyper V2 is definatly worth buying! I love it!

Stacey ‘tattooartist’ Fitchett Mar 27 2012 13:43

Well done again to Stacey. Check out some of her work:

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