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Posted by: The Tattoo Shop on May 8, 2015

If you have a passion for tech and tattoos, you may have been informed (or found out for yourself!) that wrist tattoos interfere with the functions of the newly released Apple Watch. A pioneering piece of wearable technology, it’s hard to believe that the tech giant didn’t pre-empt this problem. But after users pointed out the issue, the industry has been quick to react and come up with some rather interesting solutions. Let’s take a look at the problem and how to overcome it.

Apple Watch Tattoo-Gate

Several days after ‘tattoo-gate’ came to light, Apple responded confirming that in fact ‘permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can… impact heart rate sensor performance.’ So if you’ve got a sleeve or even a delicate tattoo on your inner wrist, you may find that the Apple Watch doesn’t take your pulse, and that other apps designed to react with the skin perform poorly too.

After spending hundreds of pounds on this much-acclaimed piece of technology, it’s understandable that you’d be a little disappointed if you couldn’t make full use of its features, simply because you’re inked. After all, it’s not like tattoos are rare these days. Surely somebody in Apple HQ has a tattoo, and could have pointed it out before it went to market? Apparently not.


Apple Watch

Overcoming the Issue

But does this mean that inked tech-lovers are excluded from the Apple Watch market? Or are there ways to overcome this problem so that you too can be the proud owner of an (not-so-perfect) Apple Watch? Conan O’Brien introduced one of the more humorous solutions – the Apple Watch hand. However, all jokes aside, what alternatives are available?

Firstly, if you’ve only got a tattoo on one of your wrists, it goes without saying that you should use the ink-free arm for your Apple Watch. Even if it’s not the hand you usually wear a watch on, it’s better to be able to use your device to its full potential than repeating passwords on apps and getting frustrated with your Watch.

If you’re inked from arm to arm, head to toe? Why not invest in another device that can monitor your heartbeat, and connect via Bluetooth? It may not be ideal, but it you’ve got your heart set on investing in an Apple Watch it’s a workable solution. Alternatively, wait and see if the issue is addressed in the next generation of the watch – we imagine it’ll be pretty high up their priority list after tattoo-gate!

Annoying though it may be that Apple ignored the inked community in the release of their new wearable, after the initial frustration you have to see the funny side of it. Perhaps your next tattoo design could be an inked-on watch?

Photo Credit: Shinya Suzuki

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