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Posted by: Brian Pollard on July 7, 2016

You’ve spent months carefully choosing your design, researched reputable artists and now, finally, you have a gorgeous piece of ink permanently etched onto your skin. But how do you ensure it still looks as fresh in ten years time as it does when you first walk out the shop with your new body art? Looking after your investment is a little bit more than just rubbing some tattoo aftercare cream over it once and hoping for the best. Here are the best tips to guarantee your tattoo always looks good:

Listen to your tattoo artist’s advice

Your tattoo artist will have likely spent years in the industry, so listen to them when they  instruct you on the best way for you to look after your ink. All reputable artists will give you a sheet of advice for caring for your new body art so you have no excuse not to heed to their advice.

care for your tattoo

Treat your tattoo like an open wound

While you’ve paid a handsome amount of money for the pleasure, your fresh new ink is essentially still an open wound. This means you need to be wary of infections. Ensure you’re washing your hands at all time before coming into contact with your new tattoo, be conscious of the environments you’re exposing it to and keep it as far away from potential bacteria and germs as possible.

Do not pick at any scabs

It can be so tempting to pick at a scab, but there’s the danger it can scar your skin and ruin your tattoo – is that worth it for a few seconds of satisfaction? Also, remember that while scabbing is normal, heavy scabbing is not and should be monitored closely. Call back into your tattoo shop if you have any concerns.

Remember the first few days of aftercare are crucial

Your treatment of your tattoo in the immediate short term massively impacts the long term results. Ensure you keep your fresh ink covered by the bandage for a few hours after leaving the shop (even though it’s so tempting to want to show it off to everyone), never touch your tattoo without having washed your hands first, make sure you apply a recommended aftercare cream for at least the first week and finally, avoid exposing your new body art to the sun and excessive amounts of sweat – an excuse to skip the gym for a few days.

how to care for your tattoo

Think about your sleeping arrangements

It may be wise to invest in a spare set of sheets you don’t mind ruining post tattoo as many have found themselves waking up to find a fresh imprint of their new ink on their sheets. You shouldn’t be covering your tattoo as you sleep as it’s important to give it chance to breath and heal. If you get tattooed on your back, sleep on your front etc etc.

Watch out for infections

Providing you visit a reputable tattoo artist and follow all the recommended aftercare tips, you shouldn’t be too worried about infections. However, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If you see any signs of a red haze around the tattoo after a few days, excessive swelling, oozing puss, heat in the area or indentations in the tattoo, these are all signs of infection. Don’t be afraid to visit your doctor re any concerns as, if left untreated, some infections can lead to nastier long term issues. It only takes a quick google of images that will scare you enough to ensure you always apply your tattoo aftercare cream and keep your ink clean.

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