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Posted by: Brian Pollard on April 12, 2012


In March we asked everyone to post their thoughts on heavy vs light tattoo machines and the winning entry for the heavy weight side was Jay Maddison, Birmingham. Well done Jay!

He has won a WWT Brutal Tattoo Machine from the Iron Series which weighs 8.3 oz and is suitable for shading.

Jay’s comments :
“Give me a good old fashioned iron any day of the week! I learnt to tattoo using Micky Sharpz Irons and I’ve never looked back! The weight of the machine feels natural to me – I don’t get fooled into thinking that tattooing is the same as simply drawing a picture with a pencil, a lot of people I know who have used light machines take on that mindset, that’s all well and good – but I know exactly what I can do with a properly weighted, old school coil iron.
When I first started learning in a studio environment, I used to draw and trace flash work with a my pencil/pen loaded in the vice on the machine. This got me used to the additional weight and it just feels 100% natural to me. I can’t quite get my head around the plug ‘n’ play thing of most rotary machines, and some of the more light weight coil machines to me don’t have the same feel.
And upon closing, Guy Aitchison once said ‘You can’t beat a perfectly-tuned coil machine’ – I agree. Not taking anything away from light machines, but with a properly tuned iron, I can outline, shade and pack colour with ease – simply by changing the tuning on the machine. A lot of rotaries like the Dragonfly and the Stigma Hyper say they can do everything with one machine – you can do just the same with an old school coil machine provided you have the required knowledge and the patience. Heavy for me…every time! :)”
Jay Maddison Mar 27 2012 14:06

Take a look at some of Jay’s drawings:-

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