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Posted by: Brian Pollard on May 29, 2012

Despite starting life relatively late as a tattoo artist, Bob Tyrrell quickly made a name for himself in the industry with his trademark horror-themed tattoos, and detailed black and grey realism.  His art has now earned him an array of much deserved awards, not to mention professional respect in the tattoo community.

His early years were surrounded by art, as his father was a talented commercial artist, however his own ideas of becoming an artist were cut short early by his love for music when he started playing the guitar, a love with took him through his twenties.  Finding tattoo art in his early thirties after he his first tattoo, he got back into art and took a few classes.  He took some examples of his drawing to Tramp, the owner of Detroit based Eternal Tattoo, who decided to take him on as an apprentice.  Within three months of starting he was tattooing full time as his sole job.  He then continued to dedicate almost the next fifteen years to the pursuit, working for Eternal for six of those, all the time rapidly rising to a star in his chosen field. 

One of the key moments in his career was an elaborate design he inked on the back of Kid Rock.  However he is very well known today for his custom horror imagery, as detailed as they are disturbing, always challenging the viewer.

Nowadays, Bob is known for heavily interacting with tattoo conventions, working on the road and doing guest appearances at various tattoo shops.  He also presents tutorials and seminars, mainly on his trademark black and grey portraits.  Never one to stop learning, Bob is still striving to become an ever better artist and in crease his painting and fine art skills.  Despite not starting his tattoo career till the age of 34, he has become one of the communities inspirations and continues to inspire new generations of artists.

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