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Posted by: Brian Pollard on May 23, 2016

Thinking of getting your first tattoo and after some inspiration? Perhaps you just fancy adding some art into your Instagram feed. Or maybe you can’t get enough of hot people with body art! Whatever the reason, you need to get following some of the hottest tattooists on Instagram right now. Here are ten of the coolest artists online who pick up a camera after they’ve put down the tattoo gun.



Saga Anderson is an award winning tattoo artist based out of Calgary, Canada. He’s so popular new applications to book in for some ink with him won’t even be reviewed until summer 2016. You can console yourself by following his Instagram feed; filled with custom photo-based large scale realism tattoo work, including this awesome Michelangelo (TMNT) design.



Getting someone’s portrait tattooed on your can be quite the risk – you may go in with intentions of your baby being immortalised in ink but come out with something that looks more like Winston Churchill. That would never happen with Germany based Gambler Tatuaje  as your artist- his exceptionally accurate recreations of famous figures showcased across his account prove his talent and need to make their way into your feed ASAP.


glenn decker

Dark and gothic designs fill the feed of the artist from the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. Mainly tattooing while on the road, his portfolio features twists on everything; from Chihuahuas to Chucky.



Chiwon An is one of the owners of An Tattoo; a team that specialise in creating realistic and custom Japanese/Asian style tattoos. Hit follow to fill your feed with all the dragon designs you could dream of.  



UK based awarding winning artist Adam Sargent is famed his impressive portrait skills and his feed is currently filled with the development of a Sin City design across a client’s entire back which makes him a must for fans of the neo-noir tales.



Not only is Jenna Kerr’s account filled with vibrant, bright designs and tattoos, but as she also works as a semi-permanent make-up artist, there’s a fair bit of eyebrow and lip #goals for you to fawn over too. Bonus.



With everything from Star Wars thigh pieces, to pretty delicate flowers, Raphyo’s portfolio guarantees there’s something for everyone looking for some ‘inkspiration’.



Down under Onnie O’Leary is exploring some themes that his website describes as ‘may not be suitable for work.’ When your boss isn’t looking, check out his ‘colourful’ characters.



Keith McCurdy is a celebrity favourite; with the likes of Cara Delevinge, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner all rocking ink from his tattoo gun. His Instagram account is a must follow for those after some inkspriation and celeb gossip thrown in too.



Using water-coloured inspired pieces, Sasha certainly stands out from the crowd. If her breathtaking designs aren’t enough to convince you to brave the needle, she’s released her own line of temporary tattoos for those not quite ready to commit to some ink.

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